We are FUJI MACHINERY, an Automatic Packaging Machinery Company

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Brand Concept

"Continue Contributing to Society through Packaging"

We have consistently made efforts to develop packaging technology since being established in 1946.
Thanks to this, we have received high praise from industrial circles as "Technological FUJI" and "High-quality FUJI" growing to become a leading representative of the packaging machinery industry in Japan.
And now, in a new era, we are challenging ourselves toward even higher goals.
While focusing on the origins of packaging, we will actively introduce new technologies, such as easier-to-use packaging machinery and systems that match the times, more reliable labor-saving systems, packaging systems that contribute to a better environment, etc., making efforts to develop new products required to stay current.
At FUJI, through communication with our customer we learn their needs, considering it the basis of development to pursue said needs.
We will continue devoting ourselves to FUJI's basic philosophy to "provide machinery and services that make our customers happy", so we appreciate your continued guidance and support.

社是 信義 進取 親愛

Respond to the needs of the market, unearth the needs of the market, create the needs of the market.

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